Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The other day, my mum, my 2nd sis family and I went for Father's Day Hi-Tea in Millenium Hotel. It was previously called Regeant Hotel and now being taken over by another management.

It wasn't very crowded, was quite quiet indeed. Most people don't celebrate Father's Day perhaps. Compared to the other hotels, I think the food choice were quite limited. Not really worthy for its price.

There were this Drawing Competition for kids as well and Kent G participated.

The kids were required to draw their daddy's face on the stone using a special marker. Kent G's the youngest there but he won 3rd prize, free buffet hi-tea for two =) The 2nd prize winner got free BBQ dinner for two while the 1st prize winner got a free night stay.

Sorry Pa, Ma celebrated Father's Day on your behalf.. lolz..

My 2nd sis and I. Do we really look alike? How come everyone kept asking if we're twins? Hello, I'm MUCH younger ok (...or do I look old) *sigh*

Pictures speak a thousand words (fullstop).

Yesterday my little Jayearn gave me a drawing.

He drew this himself using crayon and watercolour. And oh, that's him with an apron, not wearing dress la ok?

I see PIG. Does it resembles me? =\

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