Monday, June 4, 2007

I did something...


LOL !!! LOL !!! LOL !!!

No-la, just found this hillarious ^_^ I was doing this hair treatment the other day and felt like my head is exploding coz smoke kept coming out and it's flooding inside as water kept dripping and I gotta wipe and wipe and wipe with tissuesssss non-stop.

Actually, I finally decided to CUT my hair...S.H.O.R.T.

After a year plus or so, I finally got da courage to do so. Finally!!! Finally!!!

Josdon (the stylist) kept asking me "You sure? You sure?"

I told him "Die-die also must try-la this time"

And he did it.

He was concerntrating while I was busy camwhoring. Heeheee... :D

Almost done, and heart was pumping so hard and my palms got all sweaty -_-" I told Josdon "Help...I...can't...breathe..." And I kept reminding him "Not too short ok...not too short..."

Finally done! He told me maybe the next trip I will want it to be shorter, but yea..I love it! =)

New look of mine. The very last time I had short hair was like when I was in Secondary 4. I felt so rejuvenated. 0_O

And it happened.

The next day, I went back to Josdon and told him "I want it to be a little shorter." He was like "WOW!! That was fast!!!"

And he chopped off another 2-3 cm. And I'm a happy girl now.

What dya think?? *winkz*


shin said...

waliuuuuuuu... short hair d... i'm also fighting with my inner self.. to do it or not.. now since u hav done it.. i think i shall go soon.. hahah 'kiasuism'

c r y s t said...

lol...."kiasuism" huh... try la, since u aso got short hair when u were in college rite if i'm not mistaken.. let have a "bob gang"..lolz!

jeepeng said...

wah!1st pic, Dai-Cheung-Kem! lol!

erm...nicer, nex time you won't be holding the lucky draw bowl, you'll be the one holding the product or holding the mic, yeah!

c r y s t said...

apasal dai-cheung-kam.. -_- my collegue just said i looked like sotong *sigh* it's c.u.t.e. ok?

i think its fated i gotta hold lucky bowl forever, they think im not lucky enuff kua~ lol

hold product? NO~!! imagine, me carrying E560 and walk around *faint*

leksw said...

nice nice,,,u should have cut it short earlier...

c r y s t said...

needs lotsa courage eh.. kia lang~

CaL said...

I think it looks pretty good =)

chouji said...

cantik ;) bila photoshoot? ;)

c r y s t said...

cal: thx luv ;-)

chouji: tima kasih, bile mau shoot? =P

jeepeng said...

why Dai-Cheung-Kam?

go see it:
and another:


c r y s t said...

whOahahahah~!!!!! realli look alike~ kns.. -_-"