Thursday, June 14, 2007

Next generation...

I bought 3 photo albums yesterday!!

Been searching around for a simple, pretty and cheap ones for so long as my pending photos has been lying everywhere. It's a total eyesore! My new albums could fit 300 photos each and 900 free spaces could probably serve me for like... a year, I hope.

I was trying to organize my photos last night, which one to slot into my brand new album, which one has to be send for developing, which one has to be edited... and I predicted in another few months, I need to save money for my new glasses.. T___T

Failed my mission, I ended up pleasuring myself with all ol' photos. Wonderful memories with my pie, gathering with mates, welcoming new family members... one after another, and I found uncountable camho pics of mine in fitting room -_- Why am I so addicted to myself...

I think this is my first camho pic in MNG fitting room. Was taken in May 2006 and that time I was just snapping it to show my pie how pretty this top was, but no, I did not get it as it wasn't worth the price.

And then, I discover the joy of snapping my reflection in the mirror. I could pose for perfect angle, smile at my best, hair at place, cover my flaws and I could post up as headshot for Friendster and Multiply! haha.. this was taken in Eclipse, Aug 2006.

In Sept 2006, Topshop. I started out with my nonsense of weirdo shots -_-

Also, I realized that sometimes the lighting in the fitting room could just made ur pics seemed like those shots taken in studios! In one of the Japanese-style boutique in MidValley, Oct 2006.

And the fun of snapping away in s.p.a.c.i.o.u.s. fitting room like this one in Goss:ps, Dec 2006.

Also, I could keep photos of me in those outfit I love so much, but doesn't have my size. Taken in Forever21, Jan 2007.

When I found those cute Twiggy-inspired short dress I love, but will never get to wear 'em, I snapped and keep =) Taken in Zara, Feb 2007.

Mates with the same addiction made my world a happier place to be.. Goss:ps, Feb 2007.

Made me realized dresses I like might make me looked aunty and slutty =( Forever21, Apr 2007.

Spread the love.... spread the addiction.... notice the camera in her hand. OopsieDaisie, May 2007.

It could be a good way to past time if you suppose to meet a friend and your friend is late for an hour. Taken while waiting for Sheau for her so-called farewell before she left to Spore. Zara, May 2007.

(which made me realized that I have not camho since I cut my hair short.. )

I think I'm a born-to-be-camho. Cos I found this!

Why am I so hiau?? I think this was taken when I was about 4 years old, maybe. My mum even painted red cutex on my little toes! I'm wearing my mum's t-shirt as a dress and gaWd, I looked like a baby hooker -_-"

Say I'm cute...say I'm cute...

I need to pass this addiction to my next generation.

Gugu is coming to you~ hehe :B


leksw said...

poor girl..having a siau 'gugu'... all the best... =)

shin said...

KO LIAN...i pity the gurl la..even b4 she can call mommy, the 'camho gugu' already announced the start of 'camho' training..

c r y s t said...

u guys wun und how "hangfok" she felt la..haha..