Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wanted to, but I dunno...

And I wonder if the Megasales really started? It's so dull..

Was in KLCC yesterday and besides MNG having all those 10% 20% 50% discount (as usual), other brands don't seem to go on any further reduction. All those gweilos were so happy that the dresses in MNG were like dirt cheap and so-so-pretty and grabbed so much but me, went home empty handed. Spotted nothing and I don't wanna end up wearing the same top everyone is wearing. You know, almost everyone on the street gonna wear MNG during sales period..

But I spotted this!!

Nice rite? Nice rite? And oh, it's silk!!! <333 I could wear this on my 'day'. The length is a little short thou cos there're slits at the side. Should I pair it with a pair of jeans? Leggings? uHm... I dunno.. but IT IS SO PWEEEEETY..~!! (Oh too pretty to describe with words!)

Should I?

And I dunno why lately I'm so into loose clothing. Heh, can hide my bulging tummy I suppose?

I looked like a pregnant momma once again..~!!!!


leksw said...

i know..i in spore..GREAT SPORE SALE NOW~!!!!! hhahaaa

c r y s t said...

letmi plan plan 1st ok ;-)

leksw said...

nonit la...just come finising soon~!!

c r y s t said...

my condition now dun allow me to... T___T