Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I went all fruity last Friday.

Oh, anyone knows the fruit stall in Avenue K selling so many types of yummylicious juicylicious sweetilicious fruits? And so much of imported OoOoomphHhh fruits? 0_O

Juicy mango from India. This cost me about RM5 sth.. but the taste is beyond description! MmmMm... Again, picture speaks a thousand words. Look at us =)

Pakistan mango. This is a lil' pricey thou, cost me abt RM7 plus. When my collegue told me it tastes like yoghurt, I was wondering.. "Yoghurt??" Until I tried, oh-my-goodnesssss I would say it tastes more like durian -_-"

RM2 China apricot. What dya think -_-
As for me, I think its a lil' x-rated.. uh, maybe it's just me...

Very x-rated right... I dunno how it tasted like. I left it there and forgot all about it till the next morning.

And oh! I found siamese twins!!

Cherrie(s)!!! But I did not manage to put the in my stomach as 'twins', cos the moment Jayearn saw this, he separated them :~(

Picture of the day:

See how much EeQian enjoys being hugged by her brother JayEarn? lolz..

Notice my life is always about kidz kidz and kidz at the moment?? haha.. my mum is here in KL, can't help it. So on and off I'll be in my brother's place, being a kid!


leksw said...

wahh..seh tak huh u?? beringgit-ringgit punya fruits...

c r y s t said...

mak aku kat sini...so once and for all la...haha not like i buy everytime..