Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hopping here and there and eveywhere

I've been procrastinating to blog about my date with Sheau last weekend, blame it on lousy internet connection. BOO!

I think I'm sick. Very critical sickness caused by cyber bugs. Being disconnected from the cyber world really kills. I felt so lost. Has anyone updated his/ her blog? Did I missed out any nice clothings? Anyone uploaded photos on Facebook? Ah, it seemed like the world just stopped spinning. Felt like there's an barrier between myself with the people around me. shucks. I'm really sick! o_O

Anyway, a partner in crime was back to KL last 2 weekends and that was like, oh-so-rare! :P Rare, because she's back frequently, but most of the time we just didn't have the fate to meet up. It's either she'll be in KL and I'll be in Taiping, or she'll be in Taiping and I'll be in Kuantan. 'Cause we're both frequent travellers like that.. ;)

She's smart enough this time to inform me earlier about her visit and of course, I'll always be ready to welcome her.

Marked on my calender: 16th November for Sheau ;)

Breakfast in Old Town Sunway and she had her laksa early in the morning - reason: can't find this kinda laksa in Spore, so seize every opportunity wtf.

This girl loves anything spicy. The spicier the better. I remember when I used to stay with her during college time, she had her personal bottle of tabasco sauce ready to go with any food :\ And our dine out in Nandos will always ended up tragically 'cause she'll never resist the spiciest peri-peri combined with the spiciest sauce and Mr. Diarrhea will approach her shortly. HAHA! Sorry Sheau, but you're just too cute! ^_^

Remember I blogged about Oh & Ah Summer at Home sales few months back? They're back this time with their Christmas sales and we managed to drop by. Well, I guess the previous sales was better, or probably at that time the concept was still new to me. I was there during the last week of sales previously and I still managed to grab a top, a skirt, a dress, a bangle and a brooch. This time I was there during the first week of sale. Repeating clothes, probably leftovers from the previous sales. All I got was just a chiffon top.

The said chiffon top that we both got. I bought the one in grey and Sheau bought the one in black.

I always salivates over their necklaces. I wanna hang my necklaces like this in my room too! :D

RM 69.90 - it's wayyyyyy overpriced. But it's to-die-for T3T

Both of us proceeded to Showpink later. Shin was supposed to join but not sure what that girl did the night before, 'cause when we called she sounded like still on bed wtf :(

I'm that serious when I'm digging for treasures.

Sheau's nose started its duty. She was sneezing non-stop prolly because of the dusty vintage items. We left shortly and all I got was just a vintage scarf.

Both Moca and Mooie were having sales and I think it's still ongoing. Most of the items were dirt cheap like 50% - 70% off.

censored because I looked retarded.

This Ronald McDonald wannabe sneakers was on 50% off. Can't decide if I should get it. I don't wear sneakers that often anyway.. Oh, guess the very last time I wore sneakers was during... college time?? -___-"

At Tea & Sympathy.

One of my favourite boutique in Bangsar but I seldom purchase anything from them. Material used for their clothing are mostly thick and uncomfortable but I heart their design to bits.

An old lady was looking after Tea & Sympathy (probably Naomi the owner's mum/ grandmama). I spotted this top on a mannequin and asked if I could try it on. I guess she wasn't sure if there's another piece in the storeroom and she gotta remove everything froom the mannequin -_- I really pitied her 'cause it's really tight on the mannequin and together with the belt, the vest and the top tucked into a paperbag skirt, it's kinda hard to remove.

And I ended up not buying. Sorry auntyyyy... :(

Shin finally joined us around 3 in the afternoon with one side of her cheek bigger than the other. She just got her wisdom tooth removed, 'cause she got too much wisdom! LOL

Aww.. poor girl.. :P

I spotted this BIG MOUTH necklace and it wa slove at first sight. Almost brought it home but at RM 39.90 for this wooden material, I guess it's not worth it.

It was raining very heavily and we're stucked in Starbucks having unnecessary cuppa latte and wasting unnecessary time. Innitial plan was to go for our tea break in Wondermilk and meetup old collegemates in 1U, which we cancelled. The rain ruined everything. Both Sheau and I ended up in Sunway Pyramid instead. Shin did not join us we she gotta be home early for her beloved man. Ini kawan tarak guna mia!! :((

Only managed to catch up for dinner with Ram. (Thanks for the treat!) Been quite some time since I last saw this lengthy gentleman and he's getting skinnier and taller each time I don't know why :\

So I guess the next meetup with Sheau gonna be during CNY, ah well, that's just another 2 more months to go. CNY! Time to hunt for CNY clothes again!! whee~!!


leksw said...

you very keng... can write the whole story in detail out again on what we went thru.. =D

shin said...

wah fever still reach oso kena complaint.. speechlesssssssss

just hangsing. said...

yum yum.those food u r havin sound lovely!

c r y s t said...

leksw: Of course, 'cause I treasure our time together la la la~ :P

shin: HAHA! Not complaining-lah!

just.hangsing: Eh? Did I mention about food? U mean Sheau's spicy foods? :P

jeepeng said...

i want sushi king 2!!!

c r y s t said...

jeepeng: fast fast la, so long never see you already :(