Monday, November 17, 2008

When SUAY-ness keep coming..


Thank God this year is coming to an end and this coming CNY gotta get my mum help 'da siu yan' (uhm, 'beat small people' wtf/ dunno how to explain). 'Cause I'm damn suay x1000000 *sigh* Last week I almost got sued and last 2 days I was almost beaten up..

Seriously, KL is no longer a safe place.

What happened was, last Saturday around 5-6pm I was driving near Summit USJ with my brother seated beside me. At the traffic light right in front of Summit, I was supposed to head all the way straight but I was in the far left lane (turn left). So I put on my signal to the right and keep right but traffic light was red and all the vehicles were not moving and I sorta blocked all the cars behind. The car behind me kept honk-ing but no choice-lah, I need to go straight instead of turning to the left which gonna lead me somewhere else.. He kept honking and honking and from the rear mirror, I saw him getting down the car. It's a Malay guy around 30s..

I thought to myself, "Shit-lah, later come knock on my mirror and scold me how!!!" and guess what. *take deep breathe* I saw him opening up his car boots and.. OMFGKKNCCBCLKMCH!!!! The next thing I saw was that crazy guy standing there holding a STICK!!!!!


I was stucked in the middle of traffic jam and there were so many vehicles around and he was like so damn daring can!!! Of course, I freaked out and tried my very best to reverse my car and turn left right away (though there wasn't much space left, but die-die also must turn-lah!!!)

Turned left and he overtook me. And served me right also 'cause I was really angry at the same time of what he did and I honked at him -____- And guess what, the traffic light in front of us turned RED.


Die-lah. This time sure die already... My bro kept asking why am I finding fault with a psycho. I also don't know why I'm so daring..

I saw a lorry coming from behind so I slowed down and hide behind the lorry -___-" But wtf, suey + suey = total suayness. The lorry suddenly turned into another lane and I ended up right behind the psycho's car T__________T I kept a distance in between and I really chickened out. His hand showing signal to me, asking me to go over to challenge him T______T

Traffic light turned green and off he went *phew* Thank God..

KL with it's ever increasing crime rates and this is the first time I witness how violent people can be. I don't understand how come he's so daring to take out the stick with so many people around and so many eyes watching. But anyway, I'm sure if he ever walk towards my car or maybe break my mirror/ etc.. no one will come to help. 'Cause this is minding own business society anyway.

May I know what the police are doing about the recent spate of crimes?

My dad was a victim of snatch thief many years back and when he went to the police station to report on this, all they told him was "Tak boleh buat apa-apa, dah banyak sangat kes macam ini.."

I was also a victim of snatch thief during my first year in college but no, I did not lodge a police report 'cause I'm very sure I'll be getting the same response..

Anyway, just beware and take a good care of yourself. The incident happened on Saturday was on broad daylight and I wonder what's gonna happen if it's at night instead. I might be blogging at now..

Thank God I'm safe..


Anggie's Journal said...

Glad to hear u r save ...
I was so upset with our society too.... everywhere also not save now.. tak kan we always hide at home right ?

Wow.. if i were u... sure i "scare to dead" ... is true... if the guy come to u and hit ur car, i guess no one will help either !!! People also scared and worry to get into trouble... as long u dont come out from the car and drive straight to nearest polis station ....

take k wo .... especially drive at night....

Our Society is sick la...people also sick .... :(

Lynette said...

Halleluyah ~ AT last, I can share my thought. I wanna comment puas puas regarding this ISSUE.

In Malaysia, honk is totally unusable -> USELESS . 100% not advisable to use altho WE have the rights to use it.

and those "MATA" helpless one. I have lotsa friends who are snatch thief's victims. When ever they lodge a report, they will ask lotsa question from A-Z but nothing can be done after that. Conclusion -> WASTE TIME LOR!!!

Example :
"Mata" : U nampak org tu tak ? Victim : Yeah, org melayu.
"Mata" : Macam mana u tau org tu melayu, u tak bagi org cina atau india ka ?
Victim : Dia tengah tanya saya jalan sebelum curi benda I
"Mata" : Itu org INDON kut, bukan MELAYU. Macam mana u kenal pasti org itu MELAYU ?!
Victim : -_-lll

and sometimes if there's a accident which involve "Orang M". All their geng also will stop by and 90% of them usually kept a baseball stick, knife or metal stick in their car for threatening purposes.

Superb damn release if I'm able to reach home SAFE everyday due to the increasing of inconsiderate ppl(s)nowadays.

Memang sickening driving in MALAYSIA ~~~~~

Hayley said...

yalo thank God you are safe 0_o
sigh Msia is like that ler.. no choice..
next time, dont mess with this kinda fella. dont know what he's gonna do..

Esther said...

Lucky u r still in one piece....that guy is super crazy....KL is not at all a safe place...i can still remember i kena rompak twice during KDU....really scary can!!!!!!

SamsonKim said...

Is really Thank God u are safe Dear.....
Please be careful all the time ya~~~

Take Care.

leksw said...

kasian... i still prefer your face to face story telling moment.. darn chee kik wehh.. haha..anyway, luckily nothing happen =)

Cass said...

poor you babe! you must be so traumatized, plus all the stuff going on with your life *hugs

just be careful k!

c r y s t said...

anggie: Yeah, everywhere is dangerous now, and I just gotta be home early lately :( Those people are insane seriously :( I hope they'll have their punishment sooner or later..

lynette: HAHA why halleluyah!!! LOL not to be bias too, but polices just don't care if it involves ppl of their own color. It's not the 1st time I encounter this, *sigh* like I care ;( and oh, I have a baseball stick in my car boots too :P just in case..

hayley: I hope Tpg is still a safe place to be, after all, it's a town of everlasting peace..

esther: HAHA I'm still in one piece no worries.. eh? twice? I remember once was after that Ms KDU thingy.. it's crazy k! :(

samsonkim: Not sure to consider myself lucky or not lucky, haih! Do take care of yourself too ;)

leksw: Cos u damn chi kek with my facial expression arr? LOL!!

cass: My bro been laughing over this again and again wtf -_-" I will spare another stick in car soon, cos I'm just that bad luck recently.. *hugs back* ;)

shasha said...

srsly. a stick? a man vs a girl? broad daylight summore!? srsly!? what is wrong with him man?! maybe he's rushing to lao sai and his sai already popping out and you rosak his lao sai plan kot. HAHAHAHA
but still. damn scary can?! T_T

and yes, it's really a myob society we're living in. thank God you had your brother with you that time..

shasha said...

srsly. a stick? a man vs a girl? broad daylight summore!? srsly!? what is wrong with him man?! maybe he's rushing to lao sai and his sai already popping out and you rosak his lao sai plan kot. HAHAHAHA
but still. damn scary can?! T_T

and yes, it's really a myob society we're living in. thank God you had your brother with you that time..

esther said...

Twice....once was after mr and ms kdu where everyone knows about it cos of Mr Ching. The other time was my 1st day in KL after my penang training. Was with the whole group of my penang gang....lucky was just my phone kena ambik..... wallet nearly got lost too... damn kanasai.....

c r y s t said...

shasha: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I was really LOL in the office when I read about your sai wtf! Yalah, maybe I spoilt his sai-ing session :\

esther: I guess Spore is much much much more safer.. *sigh* At times like this I always thought of a change in environment too :(