Thursday, June 5, 2008

Singapore shopping marathon

I had been procrastinating for too long and kept telling myself that I need more pics from Esther and Shin. But figured out that I'm no longer in the mood already so better get this up fast.

So after months and monthssss of planning and cancelling and this and that, finally last week Shin and I managed to step our feet into the lion city. We took midnight bus and arrived there about 4am.

By the time we reached their home, everyone was wearing sexy pyjamas and braless and they looked so blur.. -____- HAHA such a waste that I forgot to take out my camera!

So the mission started the very next morning. But we only managed to cover a few places as we woke up late and spent half day in Far East Plaza. OMG Far East is the BEST place to shop!!! Seriously! Things are like so damn cheap and pretty! ;)

I was the first to grab stuffs and then I kept reminding myself to stop buying as we still have so many places to shop after Far East!

And the pretty pink top I wore, T_____T Tt's now gone with black dyes all over. My stupid maid washed it together with my black shawl T_________T I'm gonna hunt for similiar cloth and get it tailored made soon, I hope. ARGh!!!

And oh! Tell me if I should buy this nude coloured pumps??It's so sexayyyyy innit?!! Should I??

Seriously no one bother to camwhore during the first day, unidentified reason :\ I took only like 1 shot and most pictures I got from Sheau and Esther. Orchard was really crowded it almost took my breathe away. And people were all queuing for designer labels as if they planted money in their backyard -___-

Perhaps Far East was my first stop and things were freakingly cheap, so the rest of the malls were like damn overpriced for me, ended up not buying anything -__- And I'm seriously regretting now. C'mon my purpose is to shop!! And I've set aside an amount to shop but yet I'm wayyy too stingy. ;(

Did a quick shopping at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann and Wisma Atria and later figuring out that we have not much time left (we spent half day in Far East), we left to Bugis, then to Raffles City for dinner. They treated us for Japanese dinner at Shokudo. Thanks peeps! ;) No picture taken, dunno why ;(

At first we planned to have a drink in Clarke Quay and meet up with another two ex-collegemates - Kevin and Josh but in the end it was being called off as we're all tired of walking from 12pm - 11pm.. and headed back right away. The journey back home seemed forever..

Upon reaching home, I felt so darn energized already. Took out all our buys and trying on till late. Sheau, I miss sleeping with u...!! T____T And remember my BIG ASS Precious Moment blanket k? ;)

We woke up late the next day and together with our luggages, we headed right for brunch in Suntec together with Kevin and Josh. Unable to dress up since I'll be carrying my luggage around so gotta pick a simple outfit to go with it ;(

Only at this moment, the camera session begun. Perhaps is the interior of the Republic Foodcourt made us felt like camwhoring. I felt like we're dining in Harry Potter's library or something.

Damn cun right? I was amazed! Goodness sake please compare with our foodcourt over here in KL.. BOO!

With Esther the puffer fish, Sheau my roommate for 2 years, and the half asleep Winnie - the ex-DCM6 ;)

Kevin the horny frog! :D Been quite a while since I last saw him..

My love T____T Eh, why were we wearing almost same tops? Purposely arr?

Cutie Esther. OMG both Sheau and Esther seriously fight from morning till night. Damn entertaining to stay with them wtf.

It was fun meeting all those familiar faces. And seriously so many friends working in Singapore already. I'm a lone ranger here in KL..

Group shot. Did not do much shopping on the 2nd day, am no longer in the mood already coz I was regretting of a few things that I did not buy the previous day T_T *sigh*

Lesson #1 : Don't think, just buy.

Perhaps there were too much people so its kinda hard to shop so we ended up yumcha-ing in Hong Kong restaurant while waiting for time to pass. Bus was at 630pm so all of them sent Shin and I to the terminal and it's time to bid farewell..

I was touched to see so many of them sending us off and it hurts to part :( Coz after this trip, the next gathering might be the next year or perhaps.. God knows when. Haih, we shall plan for more gatherings like this k? Either KL or Spore..

A complete group shot before leaving. I miss you guys already!!! T_______T

See. This girl damn emo.

In our lanci bus. Dinner was served (wahseh!) and managed to camwhore a little to make up those losses in Spore -__-

I truly enjoy my time spent although it's for short 2 days. Appreciate everyone's effort to brainstormed and taking the trouble to accompany the 2 hooligans out for shopping ;)

Next, my buys! But very little only la so don't expect so much.. :(

Cute mermaid gingham dress! Been looking for something like this for ages..

Denim shorts. uHm, coz I need one and this is so damn cheap I can't resist.

Striped mini dress. This fits so well I can't wait to wear it already but no chance la.. everyday in office ;(

High waisted pinafore. Another gingham love I dunno why gingham print seemed so common in Spore.

Already sold cos I figured out I had something very very similar back home -___-

Belts!! And owh! That tan belt I've been searching high and low and finally found this in Bugis! Damn happy can die!! :D :D :D

Nude coloured bag for office. Erm.. cos it's cheap. I don't usually spend much for office wear.

My favourite buy! ;) Don't ask me why I bought everything checkered :\

And actually I spotted another mary janes in Novo on 70% discount but too bad don't have my size :( And that nude pump.. should I?

The very next day, I emailed Sheau coz I can't help myself already and kept thinking of that ah ma bag.. So kind of Winnie who offered to go all the way to Orchard to get it for me ;)

I swear it's a lot more prettier in actual! ;)

I was depressed that the outcome wasn't how it supposed to be and the next day I went to Bangsar and bought equal amount of clothes T_T


Esther said...

Wah wah wah....u bought the ah ma bag ar....hehe.... tot u will choose the white one....

Hayley said...

ur trip ma very rush lo?? but worth la ho, since u able to hunt some goodies. i esp like the 1st dress cutie 0_o

leksw said...

yea.. when this bugger est first saw the bag, her respond was like 'aiyo. how come so ah ma one'?? she no give face horr... wtf
btw, i'm glad you have loads of fun here.. next shall be soon hurh.. haha =)

c r y s t said...

esther: ya im missing the white one also but i guess i'll need this more.. hehe very ugly meh!! T_T

hayley: very rush-leh! dun really have enough time.. and ya, the first dress is gorgeous innit? ;)

leksw: wtf wtf est no gimme face.. :( but it's like so vintagy so pretty right! tell me yes.. ;(

make sure next is SOON enought huh.. ;)

leksw said...

i was reading thru your post in office this noon and now i realized i missed out this..

'And remember my BIG ASS Precious
Moment blanket k?'...

it's for those who wanna get married first horh.. you be the first among us, then its urs.. siapa cepat, dia dapat.. let me know the date and i shall get it done the soonest... heh heh...quick tie knot with mr tan~!!! lol..

c r y s t said...

leksw: !#$^&* after so many yearsssss of friendship u wanna treat me like dat ;( shall discuss with mr.tan later regarding the date for the sake of the blanket wtf :P

leksw said...'s a form of motivation la.. with the blanket, i wanna see who tie knot first..something to look forward... hehe

c r y s t said...

leksw: wtf u've been forcing ppl to get married fast so u have the motivation to finish your stiching arr! :(

Esther said...

Erm...i dunno ler...mayb its not my type of bag and i would prefer white colour....hehe...but as long as u like's ok ma...right? hehe....

c r y s t said...

esther: aye.. very hurt la me :( but i'm still considering the nude pumps too.. u guys very bad la asked me not to buy T__T

Esther said...

No doubt its nice but u said if u buy, u won't b wearing it often right? We help u to save money ma...isn't it good? :)

c r y s t said...

esther: haha then should i be grateful!! how can i repay your royal kindness?!! :P