Thursday, May 29, 2008


OK obviously I'm back from my shopping trip in Singapore and guess what, I spent less than 500 bucks (excluding bus fare)! 500 bucks as in RM ok, not S$! Tell me I'm good.


Will blog about it later coz I'm still awaiting for pics from Esther and Shin. And oh, I snapped less than 50 pics T_________T I'm not being Cryst.

Last Wednesday we had mini farewell dinner with Christine who left to Singapore for her career advancement.

She's ex-collegue of my first job who got really bright future in hotel line as she kept getting promoted. From FO Assistant, to Shift Leader to Duty Manager in short few years. And now she got a job in one of the renowned hotel in Singapore as a proud Duty Manager and I'm her proud friend ;)

Went there straight from work so I just changed into my skinnys. I know I looked odd.

Newly opened Apartment in KLCC. I prefer the one in The Curve though, it's more comfy and home-like. And we were like hooligan the whole night yakking and laughing so loudly and making ourselves really 'at home' and few customers actually changed to table far away from us -___- And we got the whole place for ourselves... omg.

My mushroom spaghetti. Of course that's not the name but sorry la I'm bad in remembering names... So if you ever meet me on the street and greeted me and I just say "Hi!" without calling your name, please don't be mad. It just slipped off my mind :S

The twins - coz they always stick to each other since work till now, both are working in different places. And they kept getting skinnier each time I see them..

I miss working with them T___T Those time when we used to work on shifts, handling nasty guests, treating ourselves to nice places for dinner every week and so much more that I miss. It seemed like these will never ever happen again.

Shiok sendiri.

Love this - "Pieces of you have become parts of me" ;) This is for you beep..

So know you know why other customers were like staying away from us -_- We walked around the restaurant treating it like our own home, snapping around and yakking so loudly. I'm ashamed of myself sometimes... owh~

Being literate.

l-r: Connie, Annie, Mun, moi and Connie's sister (sorry I forgot her name)

Connie's sister is so adorable! The very first time I saw her I felt like giving her a peck right away! ;) Aww, and Connie had been staying with Christine since college time. That was long - about 6-7 years I guess? I wonder if Connie's able to sleep well since Christine left.

Sorry, I seriously don't know why am I like this -_____-

To Christine, if you're reading this (I doubt so), do take good care of yourself, work hard, earn more and buy me gifts when you're back here alright? :P Our gatherings wouldn't be fun without you ;( And I'm still looking forward for our BKK trip even though we're so far apart now. We fly from KL you fly from Spore k? ;) teehee..

Don't be sad. I did not shop much in Spore last weekend, which means I'll be seeing you in Spore very soon, I hope ;)

I'm still stuck..

... here, in KL *sigh*


leksw said...

waaaa~~ hou sorng la...long time no see them also.. i think you have to make more trips to spore.. so many kakis here...heh heh.. when's next? =D

Esther said...

It seems like KL have more n more new stuff coming i'll plan a trip to KL real soon....then we go Bangsar to shop shop k? hehe.....

c r y s t said...

leksw: i wan...anytime also can.. as long as i have enough $$-lah! hehe letmi save enuff first k.. :P

esther: sure! faster plan dear!! we go bangsar shopping den hangout k.. so many new boutiques and cafes now :D