Thursday, March 6, 2008

I ramble..

I'm so bored in the office these few days. Seemed like nothing much for me to do omg why my job so relax?!! -___- Been onlining so much and I tell you I'm really exhausted now. I'm so scared I'll really get phobia with Internet soon :( I don't online much after work these days and been watching War of In Laws II from, damn nice can!!! :D

I'm still awaiting for 3 tops I purchased from STKL since last week. *sigh* Any longer I think I'll no longer in love with them. The seller ship them all the way from the UK and so I'm still waiting and waiting. Hopefully they'll reach me latest by tomorrow fingers crossed lah!

Tell me they're pretty before my love fades... T3T

Yesterday I went to Bangsar again after work. Cats Whiskers is having 50% discount storewide and 70% discount for all bottoms. But I did not manage to get anything there. Sometimes their clothes are too Sg. Wang-ish for my liking :( But I got a simple cute babydoll top from Mooie and another baby tee from Little Black Book ;)

La la laaa~ End of rambling. Simply post this up cos I have nothing to update :(

Edit: Reading back my post, I realized most of my sentenses start with "I". Oh... why am I so self-centered?!! bah.


YorkMei said...

yes, the tops are real nice..esp the 3rd one, looks very colorful hehe

leksw said...

yea... i like the third one too...

c r y s t said...

yorkmei: yaya it was love at first sight!! ;) but i think it was impulse buy la, i got too much of similiar ones..

leksw: i like the first one more :) been looking for something like this for quite some time.. hehe said...

Thanks for visiting us. See you again soon!!!