Monday, November 19, 2007

Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes..

So I got Angel Eyes today..

I received Isetan's brochure the other day and saw they had this promotion for instant beautiful eyeslashes. Since my current mascara almost dried up, I went to have a look just now.

100% natural formula
Strengthen eyelashes
Conditions eyelashes
Act as barrier against chemical mascara

Walau.. Sure boh? o_O

I was kinda attracted to it coz look, my eyelashes really damn long ok? I felt like a camel -_- Its kinda troublesome though coz it comes in a set of 3. Firstly you gotta apply a layer of mascara, then dab some black powder on the tip for more volume. Then dab some white powder for lengthening, and finally top another coat of mascara for curling effect.

So that I can look like this.

My lashes look so damn obvious right?!! :)

About RM150 plus for the eyes of an angel.. still deciding. Should I? hRm..


leksw said...

ada beli??

c r y s t said...

tarak...too mah-fan.. ;(