Sunday, November 18, 2007

I love flea market ;)

So yes, I'm back from my shopping spree :)

With infinity satisfaction ;)

And I found the meaning of life..

Sunny morning, a sign that my day is gonna be happy.. hehe

My current obsession, purple and stripes!

Damn, I was stuck in the jam early Saturday morning! Felt like another day of work. Oh my holy mama, look my hair's running wild! It's about time to get a proper trimming. Yeah, maybe will pay a visit to Josdon tomorrow.

Hey, I thought of getting a short fringe! Any comment? uHm, will my face be too BIG to go with short fringe? T_T or maybe, I'll get him to cut my hair like Hebe from S.H.E. Pretty innit? ;)

Dum dee daa~ This is my defination of heaven..

:) :) :) :) :)

I atually wanna take close shot of the stalls and those gems they're selling but was afraid they'll chase me away, so this pun jadi-lah!

And I tell you what, everything is DAMN-FREAKINGLY-CHEAP!!! I saw a few tops similiar to those in Bangsar and they're selling in wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy lower price!!! Also, there's a girl in STKL whose clothes always get to sell off quite fast and people were even bidding for a freakingly high price for it. And I saw most of her clothes in the flea market!!! At a price so low you will never expect wtf. My oh my.. the flea market will be my future hangout spot.

Realizing I never snap any pics in the lovely flea market (cos my eyes were busy screening everywhere as well) I proceeded in to The Curve and tried a few tops.

Told ya, I'm obsessed with stripes lately :)

Because my hair was so messy that I ended up buying a hairband and wear it on the spot. Oh, what's with my legs?!!

My day was too long and till I gotta lepak in the washroom -_-

And, this was already in 1U btw.. teehehe..

Lovely top in Promod, 50% discount somemore T_T I didn't get it...

Signature shot.

Another syok-sendiri shot. I didn't try on much clothes today. Didn't even try any in F21.

I walked and walked and walked.. from The Curve to Cineleisure, to Ikano, then to SinChew HQ to collect something, then to 1U. Do salute me... by the time I left home I was already looking like this...

Yes, I did it..

2 tops, 2 dress/ long top, 2 hairbands, 4 necklaces (got sales ok?) and a black cutex.

Check out my tops yo!

Beautifully embroidered. Very comfy cotton. According to the seller, this is imported from Taiwan wor.. can trust? Whatever lah, as long as I'm happy :)

Go retro! I can imagine myself wearing this with opaque and heels to kill! YummMmm~

You can't see clearly from the pic, but those stripes are in silver and it's darn comfy. I remember MNG once had something similar, selling at RM100plus!

Simple with a twist. Check out the pleated neckline. The red and pink ones were nicer, but I have got too much of red and pink so I guess I'll just go boho with brown this time. Isn't my favourite top actually, but it's so cheap I can't resist T_T

So my total damage is = oh don't ask!


jeepeng said...

wow! new camera! fuiyoh! black in out watch out!

jeepeng said...

OMG! don't tell me you got Panasonic Lumix LX2, FX100?FX30?

aRhHHHH....whatever model!i hate you!hate you! hate you! :~(

c r y s t said...

jeepeng: not very new la..a few months d! when i told jane i bought this camera, she was laughing and asking me why am i buying washing machine's brand -_- kanasai...

jeepeng said...

hahahaha! jane is nikon diehard fans mah! haha! Lumix is in my top three list if i'm buying a DigiCam, becoz of it's Leica Lens, oh....tak boleh tahan...

c r y s t said...

haha..yala, she realli kao-kao diehard fans of nikon, kept asking why why why i bought lumix p.a.n.a.s.o.n.i.c. -____-" but yea, its good overall. i actually asked around before i bought. check this out:

R.J said...

wah lau wei... u memang kaki shopping ooo. hahaha.
tapi poser max hehehe. Kewl Camera!!

Rohini a.k.a RJ

c r y s t said...

rj: poser in training lagi-lah! haha kaki shopping tu memang dah inborn! :P

Just said...

where is the flee market?

c r y s t said...

just: see! so long never come back msia.. its in the curve!