Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday again.

Friday night.

Another week passed. Time flies so fast this year, agree? In just a blink of eye, we're already welcoming the whole new start of 2008. Oh my, age is really challenging me. I'm in my freaking 23, approaching 24 soon. 2007 passed just like that without me accomplishing anything. Nothing. Oh hell, that reminds me that I did not set any new year resolution at all, fearing that I will never achieve them. Yes, I'll never. But what's wrong setting myself a target? Nuts, aint's I?

Things aren't any better this year. But it's good that nothing turns sour though. Pray hard kao-kao I'll get kao-kao bonus this year too. The sky is the limit wtf.

I remembered since I was a kid, I always dream of getting rich. I wanted a house of my own by the time I reached 25. That will be like about 2 years from now?? or about 730 days shit it.. I wanted to have a house with big big compound so I could keep dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, etc. Mini zoo, damn syok kan? :) But I guess by end of this year, I'm already b.o.r.e.d. with my life.

Question to self: Have I really enjoy my life before?

Am gonna enjoy my life tomorrow. Call it some alone time. Self-discovery hRm...

First stop: The Curve. Then to Ikano. Then some random boutiques in BU. Then to One U. Next...still deciding. Self-loving is NOT an offence.

Anyway, new shopping links updated. Check out the heavens :)

More pictures after my self-discovery session tomorow k? Mwah~!! Have a great weekend peepz!

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