Thursday, October 4, 2007

I should take up fashion design instead of hotel.

I was browing thru some blogs recently while I blog-hopped and stumble upon a few shopaholics who posted their daily wear in their blogs. All the purchases made me salivates.. ummm..~

Back home I was clearing my closet, and trying out clothes that are long forgotten and those which could be discarded. Ah, by the way, I've sold off some stuff in STKL recently. Gone the old junks and making space to welcome new treasures.. Hehe :)

A long stripey tube top my mum asked me to buy few months ago and I probably worn it just once or twice. The rubbers are kinda loose and I'm afraid it might fall off anytime! So each time I wear, I'd tie up a ribbon at my waist. :P

So yesterday, while arranging my stuffs I found a long polkadot ribbon I bought long ago!!


A whole new look for my top!! YayyYyYyy...~!!


Just.Hangsing said...

yes u should have!!!

leksw said...

its never too late now to go for night classes...haha

c r y s t said...

just: it's too late :(

leksw: tak boleh time no time.. :(