Monday, October 1, 2007

The Aussie-man!

Last Saturday to Bangsar again to meetup with Shin and Kean Leim, who just got back for a short holiday from Sydney. Why am I so addicted to Bangsar? It's like my second home now..

We met in the morning for breakfast in Delicious by Ms Read in Bangsar Village (again!!).

My breakfast set; French toast that tasted like scrambled eggs, beef bacons and caramelized bananas. Shin order the same too and we did not manage to finish it.

Kean Leim ordered waffles with strawberry chunks and when we asked him how was it, all he can answer is "FLOUR" -_-

Oh, I really dunno why. After few bad experiences in Delicious, I'm still visiting again and again.

So this guy was my ex-collegemate. Used to hangout kinda often during college time but blame it to our hectic schedule during our industrial training, we sorta drift apart. And both of us started working after the industrial training itself and later, we sorta lost contact.

Last year, he decided to further his studies in Cordon Bleu in Sydney majoring in Commercial Chef (correct me if I'm wrong?? :P). And that was the last time I saw him, since the lil' farewell we had. After a year, finally a year, he's back here for a short holiday before getting back to Aussie to continue his studies for another year, and applying for a PR.

And for those mates that haven't met him since he left, you guys gotta check out his amazing Aussie accent! LOL!!!

Mirror shot, again =)

We went boutique-hopping after the satisfying breakfast. Me and Shin were in paradise!!

Blue is the new black!!

Two hours of boutique-hopping, two hours of splurging, we only manage to get a perfect shot before departed.

All the best in your future undertakings Kean Leim!!


leksw said...

first - what a waste to order the same breakfast time go for different ones so that can share n more choice ma..

second - revisiting delicious again n again cos u miss the moment we had there together back in aug..u were just 'imagining' urself having bfast with sheau...right?? =)

third - mr kean leim lost loadsa weight!! shld ask him keep it up =)

fourth - his bfast tastes like 'flour' cos he is so used to aussie western food now...msia cant beat aust...hahaha

fifth - have not been seeing shin for so so longgg...thanks miau for posting up her pic..else i will have forgot how she looks like neither do i rmber i have her as a friend... =)

sixth - miss u laa...miau

c r y s t said...

first - not much choice ler.. we felt like leaving at first but then 'em hou yi si' since we already sat there chatting for so long..

second - yala, are you saying that to make yourself happy too?

third - ya! i couldn't recognise him at first. he's so skinny!!

forth - haha, summore he's a cook, uHm..a commercial cook!

fifth - oh, i almost forget abt her too! :P anyway, make sure you come back soon ya!

sixth - i miss you too T_T we video conferance again sometime soon, k? so SYOK!