Friday, October 5, 2007

Bangsar never failed me :P

Yesterday I went to Bangsar after work! OK, before you start concluding I'm a shopping whore, please read on.

Last few weeks I went Mooie, Bangsar and purchased a belt. Actually I wanted to get the bloody red colour, but the salesgurl mistakenly gave me the chilli red instead. I didn't check and did not even realise when I tried it on back home. I was just regretting of buying that coz I thought the colour looked horid! Until after a few weeks later I went there again and looked at the array of belts on display, then only I realised I got the wrong colour. I checked with the salesgirl, Jessy who was kind enough to reserve the last piece of the colour I wanted. Even I was receipt-less and bought it long ago, she said "No problem." :)

So yesterday I purposely drove all the way there to exchange the belt. Hey, it's not near ok and furthermore it was afterwork hour and buka puasa time! Jam kaw-kaw.

And of course, I wouldn't go all the way there just to exchange and blah. Ended up in Mooie, Goss:ps and Cat Whiskers. It was fun boutique-hopping on weekdays at this hour. Most boutiques are empty and I even had the opportunity to chit-chat a lil' with the boutique owners!
And I got myself this!!

So damn gorgeous!!! o_O

Just a random dress I picked with no intention to buy at first. I took another 3 dresses which were love at first sight but after trying, I dump the other 3 and fall for this so badly!! It was the last piece and was a lil' dirty at the collar. But it was toooooooo pretty to let it go!!!! So I bought it at last with additional 10% discount for the dirty-ness :P

And this!

So yummy!!! :) I was eyeing for the white one when I browse through the website but it was sold out. So I settled for this black one instead :)

And oh, check out this new boutique in Bangsar, Blueberry selling clothes from Hong Kong, Japan, etc. The boutique is kinda small though (only half the shoplot) but they have pretty collection! It's just opposite on Bangsar Village II, next to Kiosk and 7eleven. It's a lil' too pricey thou but worth checking out.

Anyway, I'll be on half day leave today. Leaving back to hometown later in the afternoon! Yay!


Just.Hangsing said...

so how much do you spent in total? in much of your salaries goes to your shopping?

c r y s t said...

for this dress and top probably abt RM100. uHm, i dunno.. -_- i'm controlling myself..twust me =(