Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 3 and 4 in Disneyland

Warning! This is a picture post!

The third and forth day was spent in Disneyland, 'cause our tickets valid for 2 days and also we didn't manage to snap snap with Mickey on the third day wtf. Mickey resembles Disneyland what..

The entrance ticket cost us about HKD350 per pax. Price was lower before that and hiked up few days before we went T___T

So, this was where I celebrated my Valentines this year - in Disneyland!! ;)

We stayed in Hollywood Hotel and of course it was much much better than the room we stayed the night before. Notice I did not post up any picture of the room for the first 2 days? HAHA!

Camwhore is a MUST and check out my happy socks! :D

Proceeded to Disneyland after checking in..

Guess what. I did not bring over any clothes to Disneyland 'cause I assumed I'll buy new one over there but I bought all dresses and cardis and I only realized I got nothing to wear on the third day itself. Managed to pull out the 'jadi-lah' combination very last minute. I need happy colours!

Basic black top and pashmina digged out from my luggage. Pink footless leggings from Ladies Market and unfortunately my black top is too short to cover my backside as the leggings kinda sheer, like 80 denier?? Luckily I got this Cotton On long vest to cover. Got it the day before. Match 'em with this happy socks I got from Granville Road the day before and I got happy colours for my Disneyland outting!!!! :D Yay!!

Love this and I think I wanna hire one gardener to do this in my house garden too! (if it's BIG enough laa)

Some kinda Lion King show..

I seriously regret I didn't buy this!!! I think it suits me more as compared to the Minnie ears but the bf kept telling me Minnie resembles Disneyland ma -___-" *sigh* Yeah, I got the Minnie ears instead..

And it started raining shortly after that and we gotta get an umbrella. All stalls and souvenir shops selling umbrellas so it's not a thing to worry. But it's freaking expensive about RM80 for an umbrella!! I always looked at those pretty imported umbrellas in Isetan and thought at about RM40 it's sorta pricey.. but this, I can buy 2 of it already!! T___T

It stopped raning after like, 10 minutes?? T______T

I'm gonna frame up this umbrella and just hang it on the wall as decoration. Too expensive to be used.. T___T

Look. I bought the big ass Mickey's palm too ;)

Orbitron! ;)

Merry-go-round ;) ;) ;) It's my childhood dream to ride on merry-go-round with my another hald and my dream came true... T3T

But too bad all the pics turned out blur T____T

With Stitch. During collegetime I remember one of my collegemate Ronnie told me that I looked like Stitch. :( Not our face wtf, our ears looked alike to be exact :(

A place that turned magical during night time..

Mickey shaped ice-cream!!!! ;)

Yes, we bought everything Mickey and Minney, 'cause they resemble Disneyland *shy

Goofy! He's damn good in posing and did a lot of interesting poses but when it reached our turn he posed damn simple. Is it because he knew he'll lost to me no matter how good he poses arr?

HKD300,000 which equivalent to appx. RM150,000.. Buy me this and I'll be your slave..

Regret not getting this also 'cause this is more comfy to wear as compared to the Mickey palm. I should get this together with the kitty ear.. *sigh*

Magical fireworks.. I'll tell you how magical in the next post ;)

Look closely at this pic and tell me what you can see.. Answer in next post ;)

I'll continue with the forth day since it's all about Disneyland..

This is the Tomorrowland. It's everything about outerspace..

And forthday I seriously got nothing to wear already and I looked damn blah! :( Lesson learnt: Always have an emergency outfit!

Alice in Wonderland.

We were in a long queue (like 50 minutes waiting time??) to take pic with Mickey and Minnie and this Pluto walked passed. As we tried to snap this pic, he actually hide and tried to play peek-a-boo, which lead to this awesome pic, me love! ;)

Our dream came true.. ;) ;) ;)

(Shin: I should get that Minnie dress we saw in Mooie the other day.. so I can outshine her.. HAHAHA)

Donald Duck.. I love this pic ;)

Mulan. We took this pic 'cause nobody queue up to snap with her.. LOL.. What a pity!

This Stitch hat cost appx. RM200..

Mickey and Minnie!! ;) I asked him to buy and wear together with me buy he didn't want to, BOO! :(

Street parade! Damn excited can.. HAHA And picture quality damn bad 'cause the bf took with his hp, which he set the pixel to VGA wtf :(

The dwarfs even bigger than me T__T

Your boyfriend, obviously, HAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!

And so we left Disneyland in the afternoon, proceeded to Wong Tai Sin but we're late and it's closed. So we rushed to Granville Road to get a bag I spotted 2 days back. I couldn't decide then if I should get the bag 'cause I was actually planning to get the Burberry tote I set my eyes on, but alast, I told myself not to splurge. *haih* In the end, we gotta go all the way back to that shop in Granville, to satisfy my needs and wants wtf. And now, I'm regretting for not getting that Burberry tote, 'cause it's not available in M'sia.. *sigh*..

The Disneyland route MTR was pretty empty when we headed back from Kowloon so we get to camwhore a lot...

But didn't expect while we're busy snapping away our plane left already.. T_______T


leksw said...

and so you are ready to share the 'MAGICAL' moment??? lol lol..
can't wait ya =) *excited*excited*!!!!

chouji said...

congrats! :) :)

chouji said...


damn tayang loh people!!!

Hayley said...

cant wait to know how magical is the fireworks!! ;)

shin said...

firstly, i told u to get the dress but its gonna be one time thing la.. but mayb if it can outshine minnie.. its worth it kan??but too late...

and what 'M A G I C A L' moment? wei my heart is now very weak. every word u mentioned here lead me to think bout 'u-know-what'... oh so stress!!!!

SamsonKim said...

*Happy* =D
That Photo is it a rose/flower and a mickey cake..?
Or other thing??? hehe.... =)

c r y s t said...

leksw: Ahaha.. Why are you so excited.. you know what I'm gonna blog abt what.. LOL

chouji: LOL.. Did u see anything??

hayley: Soon! *fingers crossed*

shin: Yala, damn regret didn't get it, else probably they wanna hire me to be Minnie's replacement :P

I would have told you last night, but too bad-lah! No fate! HAHA

samsonkim: HAHA Good guess, but no, it's some other thing ;)

Aamax said...

My guess - diamond ring??

chouji said...

lao *fingers* crossed lagi! you have to be so obvious hor!!! hhahha he quite the romantic also hor!! respect and admire!!!! can i go to disneyland too??? :(

Esther said...

Wah..."Magical Moment"...Hehe... Does it mean that i need to prepare the Red Packet soon??? :P *excited*

SamsonKim said...

Hi Dear,i ll fly to HKG tomorrow morning ..... *happy*
remember post the answer of the pic. ( no time guess le, off soon -__- )
Take care ya!

c r y s t said...

aamax/ kelly: ;) You're so observant!

chouji: Very obvious meh?? LOL Eh, why you admire him har?? Sounds so wrong!! LOL

esther: You can start saving, but not so soon-lah! ;)

samsonkim: Enjoy your holiday and don't forget my Hui Lau San!!! :P

ingenue said...


Disney HK was sooo fun! Well, alot of people complain about it but I think they're just full of nonsense. Glad you had fun there! I bought so much stuff from their shops, alot of boh-liao items!

Seeing your photos make me wanna go back there again!