Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In love with Hong Kong

I realize it's been some time since I last blogged with pictures , 'cause I almost forgot how to upload! T_T Also, I have so much backdated pictures I don't know where to start or probably I should just skip out those..

Anyway, straight to the point - HK trip as promised!

My second trip to HK. First visit was a year ago, we celebrated 2008 new year in Lan Kwai Fong. But that was just a day trip as we're staying in Macau that time. It was really rush, so as this trip, but it was wayyyyyy better than the previous one. At least I had more time to shop!

Airport transfer to hotel. Many people told me to take the Airport Express (about RM90/ pax) - so-called cheapest way to HK instead of taking taxi which will cost like RM150 plus. But the friendly customer service staff in the airport recommended the airport shuttle! Comfy double decker at only HKD33/ pax! :) Yay!

The journey took about 45 minutes and the shuttle stopped right behind our hotel! Double yay! ;)

Of course our first meal gotta be HK famous roast goose! :) :) :) :) :) The restaurant was just behind our hotel. My collegue who's very familiar with HK recommended me a few famous eateries but I lost the list upon reaching T_T BOO!

I just love the sight of billboards everywhere, covering almost the whole building. Very Hong Kong (wtf, really in HK what!! -_-)

Why women can't read map.

Who said it's 9 celcius arr now!!! T__T

I almost packed my winter jacket till I checked on the weather forecast few days before and it's stated about 20 celcius. When I reached HK, most of them were nicely wrapped up in WINTER CLOTHING wtffff so I wore my cardi and opaque and in the end noon time it's kinda warm I was seriously sweating. Moreover the sight of people covering in thick jacket in this kinda weather made me even more geli and sweat even more -___-"

Ladies Market is very near to our hotel so that was our first stop. I'm not sure why but this trip, seemed like there's more to buy as compared to the previous when the market looked more a less like Petaling Street to me, except theose kinky lingeries..

And we spotted...

HUI LAU SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely lost my mind.. lu la la lu la la lu la lu la le..

We got mango overdosed in HK. Everywhere we went we saw mango sago, mango drinks, mango pudding, mango mango and more MANGO!

And this coffee-flavoured steamed milk was also my favourite but I only had it once :(

I'm not a milk person but this one really gooooooooooood. Together with a tinge of coffee aroma omg it's heaven... I'm missing it already..

Night time to Avenue of Stars 'cause there's basically nothing much to do around our hotel area and also we're quite tired already.

What I got for the first day:

I thought I bought a lot but seemed so little over here :( Oh, there's Cotton On in HK and oh oh oh, I'm letting go that fury leopard print flats already 'cause it's just not so Cryst. Very comfy one if you're interested drop me a message! Fits Vincci size 6 wtf. *edit: No longer up for grab. My mum grabbed -_-"

That's all for the first day. Not much picture taken 'cause nothing much to capture and I damn lazy wanna edit my picture back home so only capture the necessary-lah! I don't wanna get blind. hRm.. I shall continue with the second day already.

Dim sum in a restaurant nearby. Bad choice. And I don't wanna elaborate more. I think Ipoh's dim sum nicer :( Or maybe we picked the wrong restaurant..

I love the MTR station it's damn colourful with all the tiles. I could spend whole day camwhoring in every station wtf.

Our second day spent wandering around Kowloon area and HK. More shopping but no pictures damn potong steam hor?

Spotted this Dogotel - dog hotel. So cute I wanna open one over here too! :D

We proceeded to Causeway Bay in the evening hunting for the bf's friend's restaurant. Walked round and round for hours finally found this restaurant with movie star pictures all over their wall.

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab, from the name it's obvious that they're famous for their spicy crab-lah!

Not crab. This is big ass lai liu ha (urine prawn arrrrr?????) I don't know what it's called in Engrish-lah but it's heavenly.. Big ass, 'cause according to the master chef, Malaysia don't have lai liu ha this BIG.

And this is the real food from heaven.....

Spicy crab with golden fried garlic and egg. It's perfect combination..

The claw bigger than chicken drumstick ok!!!

Oklah, too much already, but seriously it's BIG!

We enjoyed our seafood till we missed our Symphony of Light in Avenue of Stars *sigh* We were waiting whole day for it. The show is staged every night 8pm but we'll be going Lamma Island the next day for Disneyland *sigh* so no chance already unless we plan for another trip to HK.

In Lan Kwai Fong.

I don't know why but I guess the girls only feel warm at night 'cause it's the only place I can see Hongkies skimpyly dressed. Day time they're all covered and made me a bit shy wanna expose even my arms but night time they turned wild.. RAWR!!!

Check this out. I guess it's because the beer in those pubs in LKF are ridiculously overpriced and most people ended up getting beer from nearby 7-eleven which cost about RM5 and stood there drinking.. -___-" Just for the sake of LKF atmosphere arr?

End of second day. Potong steam or not???? :P

Anyway, purchases on the second day.

Not as much as you think I'll buy. You think I very rich arr!! -_-

My favourite buy!!!

Damn cute I wanna die.... T3T Got tail behind somemore... hihihi!!


Aamax said...

bet ur nxt post will be disneyland, oh i miss disneyland, i like the mickey award show, the 3D show blar222 and must not forgotten the fireworks, when i was there watching the fireworks is raining somemore, everyone holding umbrella, just imagine it, so romantice hahaha, end up everyone like 'lok tong kai' but is memorable ;)

Hayley said...

wah shopping queen!! how i wish to visit HK too!! :(
and that pair of shoes is really cute!! u sure u wanna wear it arr?

shin said...

shop so little??? i was expecting u to bring back a boutique... heheh... and cute flats.. *when wana see me??*

SamsonKim said...

The coffee-flavoured steamed milk & mango sago look like very delicious~~ i think i must go and try during my HKG trip. =)

May i know which Hotel u stay?
I ll stay in Royal Plaza hotel. =)
Oh ya.. cute/nice shoes ya ^__^


c r y s t said...

aamax: I missed the award show!!! T__T We were late for the show and don't have enough time for the next show as we're rushing out to Kowloon to get a bag I spotted 2 days back before rushing to the airport! T__T And the fireworks! It's romantic giler.. and I have story to tell too.. ;) Next 2 post..

hayley: I'm not sure :\ The bf also kept asking if I'll wear but it's too cute to resist! Eh, go la, now flight ticket cheap eh.. March got Matta Fair btw..

shin: Me damn broke la, although I wish I could bring back more :( and not enough time to shop also.. Tue confirm hor!

samsonkim: I stayed in Tatami hotel but it's not really recommended, despite the strategic location. The room looked totally different from the internet :(

And I tell you, Hui Lau San is a MUST!!!! If u got no time for it, there's an outlet in the airport too just to let u know ;) And tapao for me if you don't mind! :P hehe

SamsonKim said...

*Hui Lau San* sure sure, i ll remember the name and go to try ^__^ sure i wont miss it.
Thanks for ur infor. ya~
u so kind, sure i ll tapao for u
^__^ give me ur add. i send by courier to u =)

Aamax said...

aiyoh u missed the fireworks ah? how can? But ere shopping is more important i agreed! wif two legs raise up somemore blek..
ya 'hui lau san' is a must, along ladies market oledi hv 2-3 outlet, 'chong wan' oso hv..BTW hv to try HK "tai chow", fried lala, oyster source of chuk tan, tin kai etc, is near Stamford Hotel...wahh my sliva drops!! Btw u gals like porridge? HK "sam yuen kap tai porrige' must try!!
Oh tatami hotel so so onli> luckily i din't book tis, nyaris book oledi but later decide to book Stamford, wah good!! Quite new, clean and room size ok and free shuttle to airport, location super nice!

c r y s t said...

samsonkim: HAHAHA sure tapao for me? :P and owh, btw, do check out pinkpau's blog for guide to hk.. pretty informative ;)

aamax: noo.. i din not miss my fireworks.. i meant i missed the award show ;) and wow u went there many times already arr? seemed very familiar with hk! :D

Aamax said...

OIC u did not missed the fireworks lah, phew luckily else wasted hehe..
eh no la, i onli went there twice but stay 1 wk plus so more time to discovered la and now gagayi bcum veli expert like tht hehe

S h e r v e said...

hehe hellew! :))

c r y s t said...

aamax: HAHAHA at least still can gagayi... I tried to gagayi also cannot cos I really no sense of direction :( BOO!

sherve: EWOOO!!! yo yo yo! ^_^

Anggie's Journal said...

envy envy .... duno when i can go HK lei, duno when i can bring my boys to HK Disneyland lei ... i think i be in jail at home for another couple of years la..

anyway .. nice photos !!! thanks for sharing !!

c r y s t said...

anggie: Very fast-lah, by the time your boy around 3-4 years you can bring him along already... but HAHA another one coming.. ;) It's even more magical, innit? ;)

鄧侑均 said...