Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh! WOW!!


Guess what, I might be lamely sued by a former beauty pageant.. LOL

More on it later! ;D

(psst! Like, damn drama ok! I can't wait to update more about it)

/edit 121108

I received a call from an old friend the other day and seriously I was shocked, thinking why on earth would she wanna call me?? She's my high school friend, someone I'll never expect to keep in touch with, ever. And of course, as expected she didn't call just to say hi and just to keep in touch.

She reminded me of a post I that blogged about her 2 years back in Multiply. 2 YEARS BACK!! I completely forgot about that post.

She won a beauty pageant contest 2 years back and most of us were shocked. And I blogged about it very brieftly and of course I did congratulate her as well and wished her all the best in Miss Commonwealth. And surprisingly after 2 freaking years, she gave me a surprise call claiming a particular phrase in my blogpost got her into trouble.

"A prefect who used to complain anything about anyone to everyone."

According to her, my blog appeared on priority search in Google and a modelling/ whatever agency in India she was about to sign her contract with read about it, and questioned her personality. Obviously I was like, wtf. How can a big agency simply googled a person and rely on a random blogpost. Or rather, I suspected she googled her own name and created the story so that I will remove the post, I don't know. I didn't question further and just apologized and removed that particular post, like immediately, 'cause it didn't mean anything much to me and that was like 2 freaking years back. End of story.

And few days later, drama began.

She sms-ed me one night saying my link still appeared on google search. It's funny 'cause I'm very sure I've already removed it completely. I was outside when she sms-ed and that was on Friday night. I told her I can't get to online until Monday when I'm back to work and she replied saying, "I advise you to go to cyber cafe now". Like, what?? Advise me?? La la la~~ very funny.

Anyway, I did sms-ed Sheau in Spore providing her with my username and password as well and asked her to delete on my behalf as I can't get online. She told me the post no longer there. Fine. So I thought that crazy Indian fella was just crapping and I didn't give her a damn.

Few days passed and she kept calling and sms-ing, like e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. asking me to remove but wth, god dammit it's no longer there I checked again and again for like 554168416357 times!!!!! I even asked a few friends to check but none read the post = IT'S NO LONGER THERE!! Her calls and smses continued and I started to ignore her.

And last Friday the real drama began. My hp rang early in the morning but I didn't pick up, 'cause I don't usually pick up stranger's call. And followed by an sms.


What's the legal thing she can do with that simple phrase? I ignored, until later that afternoon, I gave my so-called lovely friend a call(instead of her manager), which led to a huge arguement through phone. She kept shouting and shouting non-stop and seriously I was stunned. What's so big deal about this simple phrase, I thought. I checked from google again, yes, my link still appeared on priority search, but it's no longer leading. When I clicked on the link, it's stated the page no longer exist/ it has been removed. However, it still appeared when I clicked on google's cache, but what can I do about it besides waiting for google to clear it's cache!!!!

Later in the evening she sms-ed again..

Delete my blog?? Crazy. She must be out of her mind. Delete my Multiply account of 4 years because of that particular phrase?? FYI, before I started with this blog in blogspot, I blogged in Multiply and had all my pictures posted over there, like loads and loads of 'em. So to delete my account?? No.

And I told her right off, NO. NEVER.

What character referance?? Sorry-lah, I don't study law, and I don't know what character referance means in legal POV.

And her so-called manager called later and just like my lovely friend, she kept yelling through phone and I tell you, she sounded so awful.. ugh. :s What kinda manager is this, I wonder. But yet again, I told her, I've already done my part, I've done my best, I removed the post entirely, but, I'll NEVER EVER close my account. Never. Never. Finally she threatened to bring this case up legally. Fine. Like, whatever-lah... I'm tired with all this drama.

My friend called again (argh!!! help!!! I just can't breathe anymore!!!) and I told her again, NO. I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. CLOSE. MY. ACCOUNT. NEVER. EVER. NO. NO. NO. Again, I was informed they'll lodge a report and I told her by all means, please go ahead, but I'll NEVER fucking shut down my Multiply account. Thank you strawberry much.

Funny thing, I received this sms shortly after. ;)

No heart to lodge report? ;) Or nothing to report about and you're just being childish about making the whole mess out? ;) And she later asked me to draft a mail to google to get them to clear the cache, which of course, I don't really give a damn anymore. The bf even suggested me to lodge a police report that this lovely beauty pageant been seriously disturbing my life and affecting my daily routine. HAHA! I almost.

Yesterday she sent me another sms with just a word "Thanks".

I googled her name and yeah, cache has been cleared. I wish it's still there and I can attached the post here. I wish it's still there so I can wait for her to report this and bring it up 'legally'. 'Cause I really wanna know how 'legally' can she do with these.

And no, I don't wish to keep in touch with her. I don't wish to bump into her on streets.

Sincerely, I still wish her all the best in her future, 'cause she'll have all my 'blessings' ;)


piko said...

sue before you get sued. or you mean she is gonna call you 'sue' instead of cryst?

shasha said...

Faster habiskan this cerita can??? :P

c r y s t said...

piko: HAHA, good idea! But owh, she calls me Chewei instead of Cryst =)

shasha: Dah habiskan kak! :P

Hayley said...

wah like damn drama weei...
just because of a small matter she can brought up so much mess? seriously is she really very pretty? ;p

shasha said...

Wah, finally! :D
Omg sibeh dramatic can? Hahahaha! I don't wanna add any description/questions here cos later I get handled legally then I iz skrood, big time.

You know, I was reading and reading damn 7 fast cos damn interesting (-_-) and suddenly laughed like an idiot because of your "thank you strawberry much" hahahahah why you so funny one!

And yala, why should you delete your ENTIRE blog just because of some measly tiny weeny sentence which you really didn't mean anything, at all -_- And summore you already gone through the trouble and took time&effort to make sure the entry is deleted.

I sokong you. Jgnlah delete your own stuff cos of sambadi who has got nothing (at all) to do with your life. Mehhh. HEHEH. Summore they so arrogant. :P

shasha said...

WAHLAO my comment so "short" -_-
i think i gonna kena cos of my last sentence. how :(

mustardqueen said...

seriously la legal action, whatever she jst did to you just showed to her agency that her attitude very problematic lor, what else do you need right -_-

plain.jane said...

sigh. just blog her name lar.. hehehe.. some ppl are just so selfish.


i know where is wondermilk :)

Anggie's Journal said...

like that also can ar ? small thing can get so mess somemore go up to law? aiyooooooooo.... i think she disturb u more la ?? she very pretty wan ar "i wandering" ??? ...

U have right to write anything and keep your blog !!! Dont border !!

leksw said...

walao.. darn drama ok she.. this girl suddenly appears in my mind again after not seeing her for like so darn long.. perhaps dont't wish to actually.. haha

c r y s t said...

hayley: Yeah, I also don't understand -_- But pretty or is very subjective-lah, can't comment much else she sue me again ;(

shasha: HAHA your comment sibeh long also can! Yala, she thought she's that pretty and famous and I gotta delete my blog because of her. But I und her feeling also-lah, 'cause not much info about her when I googled, that's why my post was on top omg!! Wah, I'm famous la like that!! :D *shy*

Owh, why say people arrogant, later they take legal action against you!! o_O *pa pa*

mustardqueen: I think her manager also very problematic, but maybe it's not her manager, her own mum instead.. la la la~

plain.jane: HAHA! But later I scared my link up in google priority search again! And next time I gotta blog from jail, you know la ppl so pow-der-full.. :P

anggie's journal: My bad, my bad.. I shouldn't talk about her maybe.. Since according to her so-called manager, I'm nobody ;( WOW! Does that mean she's really a somebody!! :D *ponders*

leksw: Yalah, I did sms-ed u on Fri but forgot u went HK. And I think she's still that Mogana we used to know.. OPPSss!! Did I just mentioned her name? :P No worries, she's no longer using this name anyway ;) New name, but same old self ;) Sue me ;)

shin said...

wah so drama.. almost as famous as raja petra... haha... 'people' needs all this publicity ma.. following footstep of bloggers to get instant publicity *wink wink* kasian u.. but u should have report her before she report u... damn happening la u....

jeepeng said...


Jezmine Blossom said...

cryst: she must be one demented & sick girl.. its just a teeny weeny small matter... yah.. i wish the cache was still there, just so that she can get annoyed, ha.ha..

BeautyQueenCrap said...

Cryst: Ignore these people cos sometimes maybe cliches are true WITHOUT brains..
Cannot stand people who think they like damm BIG SHOT like that, hello, 10 years down the road you mah become beauty queen history when the boobs sag down the floor?
Cheer up my STRAWBERRY...u have all our support.
Btw you better lock these comments or she will come and SUE you again...hahahaha
childish la she, maybe her grandfather opens a lousy law firm down in chowkit rd so processing fee all waived if she wanna give out lawyer letter..

nEE said...

Cryst, I hope you still keep the post and photos of her.. My friends from UK, US, NZ, Aussie, China, HKG, Philippine, Indon etc would like to post this girl and since she is being SO SWEET to be promoted around the world. Let see how she so called "sue" them at overseas... =D

c r y s t said...

shin: HAHA Yala, I also don't know why I so happening, fight here fight there, sue here sue there T__T

jeepeng: Eh? You know her arr?

jezmine: HAHA I damn wanna annoy her, but too late ;(

beautyqueencrap: LOL!!! Why are you calling me STRAWBERRY!! LOL!!! Frankly speaking I really do want her to read this post, and after all, I did not mention her name! Sue me-lah! :P

nee: Since she so wanna get famous, let me help her to materialized it ;) oWh, I'm sucha good fren ;)

just hangsing. said...

wah......the best drama ever!
drama of the year i reckon it should win!!!!
love it!

Y said...

Oh my god I can't believe this happened to you! It's ridiculous! Glad it all worked out in your favour in the end!

c r y s t said...

just.hangsing: WAHH!!! Why you love it!!!! o_O

Y: It's crazy right? I can't believe I went through all these too -__-" But guess now it became a joke among my high school friends.. HAHA