Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not that busy only-lah!

I'm being caught up with Moonlight Resonance lately that's the reason for lack of updates. Damn chi kek I've been watching non-stop right after work everyday. My nephew came into my room one night and looked at me with his very shocking face, "You still watching! Later you become stupid than the world!!!"


FYI, my brother taught him to add the phrase 'than the world' so everything will sound more boombastic. 'World' is great, 'than the world' would mean 'greatest of all'.. *sigh* Why my brother like that one.. ;(

Recap on what's been happening lately..

I went back Taiping during Deepavali and on Sunday, we had homemade popiah ;) Taiping is well-known for its popiah, you'll never know how great popiah would taste until you try those originally from Taiping. Notice the word 'originally'. Never trust those hawker stalls who claimed they're selling Taiping Popiah in KL, 'cause they never taste like one. SHOO!!

Met up with Sheau who went back as well. It's been forever since we last met. And guess what, we had our precious time in Taiping's very first Starbucks Cafe and I'm shocked it's quite packed.

My eldest sis and bro went back as well. Together with 3 nephews and 1 niece and off we went to lake gardens. I wonder if my baby niece will become tomboy in future since it's all boys at home, but fred not, 'cause she's damn addicted with my boy ;( *jealous*

I went for a free photoshoot in Isetan KLCC by Ettusais.

Free make-up, free hairstyling (so lala!) and free a copy of A4 size photo. Took a few shots and the photographer kept pestering me to purchase another few photos but it's like damn expensive k! I enquired if I could just get all photos (only 10 I think) burn into CD and that cost me freaking RM60 for a CD wtf the CD alone cost less than RM1 ok!!! But I ended up with 2 5R which cost me RM 40 T__T And that free photo also he kept asking me to add RM10 for laminating, which I gave in as well T__T

Why so easy to cheat my money one!!

I found a random shop back in my hometown selling vintage tortoise shell frames!! And that straw hat my nephew wore damn cute right!! :D Am selling those frames in Baboobeep so do check out if you're interested.

Went Pavillion the other day while waiting for the bf to arrive from Kuantan and I camwhored in fitting room again. Damn love the first top from Topshop but no discount. I have softspot for anything with bows and laces.. I think I'm going back to get it.. and that brown knitted cape from F21 (top right) is on sale RM50 only!! Retailling at RM200 plus previously, should I?? Should I??

Babysitted my niece myself for the first time the other day as my bro and sis-in-law need to attend a meeting. I'm so motherly :P

After reading so many reviews on blogs, I finally went to Wondermilk Cuppacakes!!! Damn hard to find we went round and round Uptown for almost half an hour -___-" Love the interior and they serve the best cupcakes!!! :D (Sheau, we go next week k?)

Attended another nephew's concert. 4-year old Xuenmin's concert so it's not really considered 'graduation' yet, unlike Kent G.. HAHA! We were all laughing at Xuenmin's gel-up hair 'cause he kept touching his hair on stage, afraid it'd fall! LOL

See, I wasn't that happening after all..


shasha said...

HHAHAHAHA "later u become stupid than the world" - damn power. Don't know how to answer back, haha.. Moonlight Resonance damn nice right! :)
How much is the topshop top w/out discount? I still have my un-used 20% voucher & rm25 rebate.. ;P (Why you look so garang in the scarf pic!)

And, your niece is sibeh cute!

c r y s t said...

shasha: I just bought the 'abalone' series.. and I'm gonna start watching every night again and "later become stupid than the world" HAHA!

Why got rebates rebates one!! The top is about RM106 I think. Are you going to use the voucher?? :P (and i where got garang *sipeh innocent face like my baby niece*)

shasha said...

enjoy the abalone series! but i still think moonlight is better :P

the 20% is for bday one and the rebate i think cos of the points collection thingy. eh srsly if u wan i can tolong you one cos...

i have two bday vouchers -_-
only thing is the expiry on diff dates. i also don't know why like that.. and topshop is getting more and more pricey and the clothes more and more mehh until i don't know how to maximize the utility of the vouchers -_-


c r y s t said...

shasha: I started with my 'abalone' series, but kinda confused cos all same actors and actresses -__-

Eh seriously arr! I want!! :P

I spotted so many stuffs from Topshop but damn poor no money to buy T_T And futhermore I'm not F3 member yet *sigh* Each time only bought a top/ a bottom/ sales time, so each transaction never reach 200bucks :(

shasha said...

Eh woman if you want let me know lah hahaah cos the expiry date is 13/11 and 18/11.
i'm going to mdv later at around 11pm metrojaya got clearance sales wtf my frens bought revlon cosmetics for RM10 i cannot believe it. but i'm gonna shop at topshop (i scared the cosmetics expiry dates nearing that's y so cheap).

anyway how how how you want me to tolong anot

shasha said...

eh i mean 11am -________-
and right. why are you poor.. look at the amount you're constantly buying! (and selling at baboobeep) :PP

leksw said...

i can't wait to go cuppa cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i pity your nephew la.. you jaga unitl his face full of food.. omg omg.. haha

c r y s t said...

shasha: I want!!!!! But how??? How?? How?? I wanna get the shorts too!! Deciding between the shorts and the ribbon top!! T_T I'm poor, that's why I'm constantly selling to get more cash *sigh*

leksw: I can't wait too!! :D Eh, my niece-lah! Not food, but baby powder la.. -__-

shasha said...

can one... you email me la and tell me which one you nak and transfer money to me cos this 18th is the expiry date and sure im using the voucher before it expires

shxrxn @ gmail

c r y s t said...

shasha: Mailed u a sad mail ;(

just hangsing. said...

who is wearing pink? very gay...

Anonymous said...

hi i want to ask where did u found the top at the first picture from the 6 boxes from? it's nice :)

c r y s t said...

anonymous: It's from Topshop! I think it's still in store..