Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today is supposed to be a special day. Of me waiting anxiously and counting my days, ticking my calendar, planning what to wear and all. It struck me hard that everything gotta be cancelled. Blame the rain :( Why must it flood at this time? Why must the Kuantan - KL highway closed at this time?

We are separated T______T

But nonetheless, today is our 3rd anniversary :) :) :)

Because it happened that 2 souls became 1, 3 years back. Many asked how we met and how we started dating. Well, here's the story..

I just graduated and started my work in hotel as a front office assistant. So one morning I was heading to the HR Dept to sign my confirmation letter after my 3 months probation period. Right after I pushed the door open, I saw a guy, wearing the same uniform as I do, stood there beside the HR officer. I looked at him and he looked back. We both smiled.

I walked passed him towards another HR officer to sign the letter, and I whispered to her, asking if that particular guy was a student trainee or new staff. New staff, she said.

I did not meet him much after that, probably he was attending training and all. And of course, at the same time I left to Korea shortly for a holiday. (oh my poor boy thought i resigned! he was asking around about me! ;p)

When I came back to work a week after, coincidentally we were under the same session for fire training. He was sitting few rows in front on me, alone. I was sitting at the last row with the other 2 collegues. Lunch time in the cafeteria, I saw him sitting alone (poor new staff :p). As we were the only 4 of the same department and the cafeteria was very crowded, my 2 collegues went over to sit with him after getting their food. At that time, I was still queuing for my food. The only place left was the seat right in front of him. Fated. And for the first time, we chatted.

One conversation that made me smile everytime I think of it:

Him: So, where do you stay?
Me: Oh, I stay reallyyyyy farrrrr.. :)
Him: Where exactly?
Me: Sri Petaling :)
Him: Oh! I stay in Bukit Jalil!!! :D
Me: -____________-"

For those who don't know, both places are only about 5 minutes distance -_- Coincidence or what, I guess that was definately the best way for him to ask this: "Since we are so near, maybe we can come to work together!"

And so, after 2-3 weeks of car pool and all.. the cupid decided it's the best time to shoot the arrow. It happened one night, in the car, when he sent me back home after work.

:) :) :) :) :)

Everything started since then. And that was 3 years ago.

Thank you for being the heart of my life, for having faith in me, for your friendship and your love, for the happiness we shared, for lending me your shoulder to cry on, for being understanding, for your patience when things get tough, for your time and all the trouble to be here weekly..

And thank you for loving me..

I love you, and will love you till the very end :)

Happy 3rd.

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