Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh my God, it's 100th!

I'm blogging lesser and lesser but guess what?!!

This is my 100th entry!! *clap**clap* I felt so proud!!! ;-)

Anyway, I've been really busy lately. I no longer blog from office, tell me I'm a good girl! :) Online shopping is really addictive, so most of the time I'm hooked up with all those e-boutiques. Buying and selling, life is just so wonderful eh? I'm juggling between Sunway and Subang now. I was staying in Sunway for the past few days and today I'm back here in Subang. And next few days I'll be in Sunway again -_- Sigh.. where I belong?

Anyway, backdated entry!

Met up with Shin last week in Bangsar again, our usual meetup spot.

We were so mad that it rained and we ended up with window shopping in Bangsar Village instead of boutique-hopping as usual :( The above pic was taken after our desperation to go through the rain, but it was already 9pm and most of the boutiques were closed. This is the only boutique left :( Tak cantik..

One HOT LECTURER wtf. Ms Wong, wear like this to your lectures and definately your monkeys will concerntrade kao-kao.

Very late dinner at usual place, Marmalade. And all time favourite, Oreo Cheesecake.. ^_^

I like the kiddy corner so much. And I'm always in love with the interior in Marmalade. Purrrfect cheesecake with my blended strawberry drink :) That's Shin's detoxifying drink btw.. She said she needed detox, after the heavy cheesecake -_-

She will always be my best camwhore partner. Oh, I found the perfect whore!! *opps* :P

We were so colour coordinated, we made picture purrrfect :)

I like this pic! I actually wanted to take a shot of myself with my drink, and Shin snapping away with her cake were captured as well :) Proven we are seriously camera obsessed -_-

Yummylicious Oreo Cheesecake!! Damn tempting k! I'm salivating already damn..

That weird girl said she's not feeling well and swallowed a packet of 'Pill Chi Kit Teik Aun' right away -_- Scary, she's always ready..

A shot in the washroom, to complete it all.

Oh, I have soft spot for the washroom.. I lap sama lu..~!! ;)

Tomorrow, I'm awaiting for a special one. And the day after, is gonna be a special day :)


Just said...

a very hot and sexy lecturer.

c r y s t said...

just: lol.. agreed!