Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MIAO used to be my name, and still is..

Couple of weeks back, I met up a few of my childhood buddies. Buddies I grew up with since primary days. Buddies whom I'm not afraid to be annoying, 'cause they're used to being annoyed with me for decades! HAHA

Sushi Zanmai at Gardens!

The queue was freaking long when we arrived and this is my first time queuing for food :( Usually I'll opt for other less congested outlet, rather than queueing and starving myself to death.

That day was exceptional.

Ivy the well-known Cheeky Pooh who owns a baby name Snoopy. And yeah, that was like memories of yesteryears ;) A girl I sat with during Form 5 and whom I hangout with daily.

Lihua (in white), STP of Igloo boutique spotting a short bob finally after so many yearsss. And she's now looking exactly like how she looked like during schooling time :P

And Monica is spotting a very short crop too! She's damn cool, from the day I knew her till today.

And check out both of them salivating over those foods in the menu.

And we ordered everything we laid our eyes on.. but it wasn't very satisfying and finally we decided to go for salmon and scallop sashimi.

Yummm~ ;)

Me as usual, being annoying..

And no, in case you're wondering, that's not my tongue. Need me to say more??


Ivy being annoyed with my behavior wtf.

We yakked the whole night till all the customers left and annoyed the staffs a lil' :P So what? It's a lovely night with my soulmates and we're the queens!

Best spot to camwhore guess where. Damn difficult to get everyone into the picture.

While we're walking around the mall looking for nice place to camwhore, Lihua claimed we looked like Gossip Girl HAHA! But I don't like gossiping one!!! *innocent face* Really oneeeee....!!!!

Trapped in a ball..

I'm looking awkward 'cause I'm the one setting the timer and gotta rush to the spot in 2 seconds. They claimed 10 seconds too long and their smiles were frozen wtf wtf :(

With the help of a passerby. She was staring at us when we took the above pic and offered to snap for us. Damn shy la! Somemore when she approached me asking "Do you need my help?" 'cause I was holding the camera, I turned to them asking "Wan arrr?"


*covers face*

At time like this, I always wish I could turn back time to where I belonged. How I wish to be back in schooling days again having fun gossipping everyday and spending my days not having to worry about anything except for exams ;)

It's been more than a decade we've known each other and I'm glad we're still keeping in touch and most of all, we're still who we used to be ;)

And MIAO is always MIAO no matter how time has changed ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi! love your top! mind telling me where u get it from?

c r y s t said...

hi dear! i actually got it from selltrade_kl ;)