Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to work..

And I was not being-cryst once again..

OMG, I was so busy for the past few weeks! And I felt like a nomad -__- Been staying over my sis's place in Sunway and bro's place in Subang, alternately. And last weekend I was back in my hometown. Raya Haji, one day leave, Saturday, Sunday, another day leave and Christmas. I got total of 6 non-working days!!!

And being back to work after a week off is a total torture. Seriously I have yet to gain back my concerntration, asking people stupid questions yesterday as if it was my first day at work wtf..

As for my Christmas this year, it was a blue Christmas without my pie. Back in my small hometown, Christmas isn't anything great. Not much decor, no Christmas carols and all. And I almost forgot it's Christmas day until I checked my Friendster. This was the 3rd year I did not celebrate the day with my pie. The very 1st year (few days after we started) we spent the day in Genting. And the year after I was back in hometown as I just resigned and was in hibernate mode. Last year I was in Singapore with my family and this year, he's in China.

Fingers crossed, next year we'll be celebrating it together, ok? :)

And guess what?!!

I'll be joining my pie in Macau this Saturday and we'll be spending our New Year in HK!!

:) :) :) :) :)

It was a last minute decision. Darling pie is already in China for a week and just last few days we decided to spend our last few days of 2007 in Macau/ HK and I got a very last minute arrangement. Damn excited ok!!

shhhh... ZARA sales today, aiming to attack in an hour time *mission made possible* :P


leksw said...

wa wa wa..finally back~!!! remember buy me loads of souvenir many days is your HK trip?

c r y s t said...

wa wa wa...sure sure.. will try.. going from 29th till 1st jan! :) kinda rush oso.. :(