Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mini Update

Sorry I neglected my blog!

Yes, I already shifted to my new place now. My absolute new life, new environment and all. Traffic isn't that bad. So far so good. Today I only took about 30 minutes to reach the office omg. Not much changes in life though. Still work, back home, online, sleep.

Except that I'm not in the right mood to blog these few days. No gatherings, no photos and I still don't have a proper wardrobe. Which means all my clothes are crumpled up in 2 big plactic boxes, and 5 big bags. T_T Which means my room is still upside down. (er cie, if you're reading this don't worry, i'm STILL alive ^_^)

And I'm buzy with my project too. Project Baboobeep. Yeah, I neglected my e-boutique but doesn't mean there's not gonna be anything new coming up! I'm up with another domain for it. With better layout and it's gonna be more user-friendly. Will announce after I'm done alrite?

Anyway, I'll be back to hometown tomorrow night till Sunday! YaY!! Daddy's birthday..hRm, have not decided what to get for him *sigh*

Hopefully my life will be back to normal by next week. Fingers crossed.

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