Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I moved!

Sorry for the trouble I knw I'm so troublesome but I just don't wanna get into trouble wtf LOL


Friday, March 13, 2009

Quadruple Queen! (copyright :p)

My weekend was kinda boring. Spent my Saturday at home the whole day waiting for the bf to arrive KL later that night. I woke up at around 1pm (once in a blue moon thingy ok) and didn't know where to head to. The weather was horrible I think I can melt easily wtf and everyone seemed to have something to do, except for lonely me. Either holidaying in Penang, back to hometown, church, or work :(

I was comtemplating whether to go 1U, Bangsar, Sunway Pyramid, Bijou Bazaar or to go online in Starbucks. In the end I drove to the nearest Starbucks, tapau Mocha Frappe and a slice of Ipanema cake and straight home. Turned on my air-cond to the max and go online on my bed.. mmmm~ this is better than retail theraphy ;)

On Sunday, I sent in my car for servicing and the next thing I knew, they came to me with a bill whopping RM500 for brake fluid, brake pad, brake shoe, brake pump and labour Who wanna sponsor me buy new car???

OK, we'll talk about last weekend then.. happier weekend..

Sheau and Esther were back from Singapore for Shin's BIG lansi day aka her birthday. She officially hits 25th, equals quarter of the century. Where else we gonna gather except Bangsar? ;) Esther was so eager to check out that place as we've been posting up Bangsar pics since gazillion years ago...

Simple celebration with Shin. We had our lunch in Marmalade (again) mainly because of the pretty murals on the wall ;)

Gathering equals camwhoring. 3 Canon(s) and 1 Lumix, we started snapping away as soon as we placed our order. Yeah, I'm deciding if I should get a Canon too 'cause the quality is wayyyy better than my Lumix. But bo lui, how?? :(

Shin's vegetable pie.. 'cause she's an all time health freak!

Esther's spaghetti aglio olio, which was very very salty..

Sheau's don't-know-what sandwiches.

And my signature carrot cake! I was being challenged to order this cake 'cause when I went over to the counter and asked the waiter for recommendation, he told me carrot cake is their best selling, but he can see I'm NOT a carrot person. So I ordered a slice right away wtf.

Sheau's hand is always the longest!

Me being damn obsessed with my studded belt 'cause I got it at a steal! ;) And yeah, I know what you're looking at. I admit I PS-ed my armpit ok.. *shy* Over PS-ed till now like damn smooth already -__-"

I miss you girls... T____T I miss our college life a lot...

Best camwhore partner and only shopping partner left in KL... whom shall I shop with when you left for Switz this July? T____T I hate chuuu... you don't love me nemore... :(((

We went boutique-hopping after that and I only got myself a simple tube top cum skirt at 50% discount. Tell me I'm good.

Saw this in Moca but can't decide wether to get the brown or white one. Since it's not really that comfy, decided to save up my money.. hurr hurrr...

AAAAAAaaaaa..~!!!!!! together with that (*O*) plush toy but Sheau failed 'cause she wanna act serious all the time one.. speechless towards her.. cannot make it at all..

Stairways to Tea and Sympathy ;) sounded like stairways to heaven..

Camwhoring in Mooie fitting room while waiting for Esther to change.

*Esther, I still want to bury my face in between..HAHAHAHA!!!!!!*

Waiting for the girl to pay..

Spot that girl!

Hopping from one boutique to another, each of us got something for ourselves, especially Shin who spent money like water, except for Sheau who got herself 2 bottles of SHAMPOOS!!! Damn cannot make it again. She's weird like that -____-"

Dismissed shortly after our Starbucks session as everyone got their own plans except for me who headed back home right away (I'm such a loner tsk tsk). Sheau left in a hurry to meet Ms Smiley Face whom remained an unsolved mystery till now...

I'm definately looking forward for another gathering again, hopefully before Shin cabut..

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**I think it's quite true.. especially the analysis.

I tag: E V E R Y O N E !

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 3 and 4 in Disneyland

Warning! This is a picture post!

The third and forth day was spent in Disneyland, 'cause our tickets valid for 2 days and also we didn't manage to snap snap with Mickey on the third day wtf. Mickey resembles Disneyland what..

The entrance ticket cost us about HKD350 per pax. Price was lower before that and hiked up few days before we went T___T

So, this was where I celebrated my Valentines this year - in Disneyland!! ;)

We stayed in Hollywood Hotel and of course it was much much better than the room we stayed the night before. Notice I did not post up any picture of the room for the first 2 days? HAHA!

Camwhore is a MUST and check out my happy socks! :D

Proceeded to Disneyland after checking in..

Guess what. I did not bring over any clothes to Disneyland 'cause I assumed I'll buy new one over there but I bought all dresses and cardis and I only realized I got nothing to wear on the third day itself. Managed to pull out the 'jadi-lah' combination very last minute. I need happy colours!

Basic black top and pashmina digged out from my luggage. Pink footless leggings from Ladies Market and unfortunately my black top is too short to cover my backside as the leggings kinda sheer, like 80 denier?? Luckily I got this Cotton On long vest to cover. Got it the day before. Match 'em with this happy socks I got from Granville Road the day before and I got happy colours for my Disneyland outting!!!! :D Yay!!

Love this and I think I wanna hire one gardener to do this in my house garden too! (if it's BIG enough laa)

Some kinda Lion King show..

I seriously regret I didn't buy this!!! I think it suits me more as compared to the Minnie ears but the bf kept telling me Minnie resembles Disneyland ma -___-" *sigh* Yeah, I got the Minnie ears instead..

And it started raining shortly after that and we gotta get an umbrella. All stalls and souvenir shops selling umbrellas so it's not a thing to worry. But it's freaking expensive about RM80 for an umbrella!! I always looked at those pretty imported umbrellas in Isetan and thought at about RM40 it's sorta pricey.. but this, I can buy 2 of it already!! T___T

It stopped raning after like, 10 minutes?? T______T

I'm gonna frame up this umbrella and just hang it on the wall as decoration. Too expensive to be used.. T___T

Look. I bought the big ass Mickey's palm too ;)

Orbitron! ;)

Merry-go-round ;) ;) ;) It's my childhood dream to ride on merry-go-round with my another hald and my dream came true... T3T

But too bad all the pics turned out blur T____T

With Stitch. During collegetime I remember one of my collegemate Ronnie told me that I looked like Stitch. :( Not our face wtf, our ears looked alike to be exact :(

A place that turned magical during night time..

Mickey shaped ice-cream!!!! ;)

Yes, we bought everything Mickey and Minney, 'cause they resemble Disneyland *shy

Goofy! He's damn good in posing and did a lot of interesting poses but when it reached our turn he posed damn simple. Is it because he knew he'll lost to me no matter how good he poses arr?

HKD300,000 which equivalent to appx. RM150,000.. Buy me this and I'll be your slave..

Regret not getting this also 'cause this is more comfy to wear as compared to the Mickey palm. I should get this together with the kitty ear.. *sigh*

Magical fireworks.. I'll tell you how magical in the next post ;)

Look closely at this pic and tell me what you can see.. Answer in next post ;)

I'll continue with the forth day since it's all about Disneyland..

This is the Tomorrowland. It's everything about outerspace..

And forthday I seriously got nothing to wear already and I looked damn blah! :( Lesson learnt: Always have an emergency outfit!

Alice in Wonderland.

We were in a long queue (like 50 minutes waiting time??) to take pic with Mickey and Minnie and this Pluto walked passed. As we tried to snap this pic, he actually hide and tried to play peek-a-boo, which lead to this awesome pic, me love! ;)

Our dream came true.. ;) ;) ;)

(Shin: I should get that Minnie dress we saw in Mooie the other day.. so I can outshine her.. HAHAHA)

Donald Duck.. I love this pic ;)

Mulan. We took this pic 'cause nobody queue up to snap with her.. LOL.. What a pity!

This Stitch hat cost appx. RM200..

Mickey and Minnie!! ;) I asked him to buy and wear together with me buy he didn't want to, BOO! :(

Street parade! Damn excited can.. HAHA And picture quality damn bad 'cause the bf took with his hp, which he set the pixel to VGA wtf :(

The dwarfs even bigger than me T__T

Your boyfriend, obviously, HAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!

And so we left Disneyland in the afternoon, proceeded to Wong Tai Sin but we're late and it's closed. So we rushed to Granville Road to get a bag I spotted 2 days back. I couldn't decide then if I should get the bag 'cause I was actually planning to get the Burberry tote I set my eyes on, but alast, I told myself not to splurge. *haih* In the end, we gotta go all the way back to that shop in Granville, to satisfy my needs and wants wtf. And now, I'm regretting for not getting that Burberry tote, 'cause it's not available in M'sia.. *sigh*..

The Disneyland route MTR was pretty empty when we headed back from Kowloon so we get to camwhore a lot...

But didn't expect while we're busy snapping away our plane left already.. T_______T

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In love with Hong Kong

I realize it's been some time since I last blogged with pictures , 'cause I almost forgot how to upload! T_T Also, I have so much backdated pictures I don't know where to start or probably I should just skip out those..

Anyway, straight to the point - HK trip as promised!

My second trip to HK. First visit was a year ago, we celebrated 2008 new year in Lan Kwai Fong. But that was just a day trip as we're staying in Macau that time. It was really rush, so as this trip, but it was wayyyyyy better than the previous one. At least I had more time to shop!

Airport transfer to hotel. Many people told me to take the Airport Express (about RM90/ pax) - so-called cheapest way to HK instead of taking taxi which will cost like RM150 plus. But the friendly customer service staff in the airport recommended the airport shuttle! Comfy double decker at only HKD33/ pax! :) Yay!

The journey took about 45 minutes and the shuttle stopped right behind our hotel! Double yay! ;)

Of course our first meal gotta be HK famous roast goose! :) :) :) :) :) The restaurant was just behind our hotel. My collegue who's very familiar with HK recommended me a few famous eateries but I lost the list upon reaching T_T BOO!

I just love the sight of billboards everywhere, covering almost the whole building. Very Hong Kong (wtf, really in HK what!! -_-)

Why women can't read map.

Who said it's 9 celcius arr now!!! T__T

I almost packed my winter jacket till I checked on the weather forecast few days before and it's stated about 20 celcius. When I reached HK, most of them were nicely wrapped up in WINTER CLOTHING wtffff so I wore my cardi and opaque and in the end noon time it's kinda warm I was seriously sweating. Moreover the sight of people covering in thick jacket in this kinda weather made me even more geli and sweat even more -___-"

Ladies Market is very near to our hotel so that was our first stop. I'm not sure why but this trip, seemed like there's more to buy as compared to the previous when the market looked more a less like Petaling Street to me, except theose kinky lingeries..

And we spotted...

HUI LAU SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely lost my mind.. lu la la lu la la lu la lu la le..

We got mango overdosed in HK. Everywhere we went we saw mango sago, mango drinks, mango pudding, mango mango and more MANGO!

And this coffee-flavoured steamed milk was also my favourite but I only had it once :(

I'm not a milk person but this one really gooooooooooood. Together with a tinge of coffee aroma omg it's heaven... I'm missing it already..

Night time to Avenue of Stars 'cause there's basically nothing much to do around our hotel area and also we're quite tired already.

What I got for the first day:

I thought I bought a lot but seemed so little over here :( Oh, there's Cotton On in HK and oh oh oh, I'm letting go that fury leopard print flats already 'cause it's just not so Cryst. Very comfy one if you're interested drop me a message! Fits Vincci size 6 wtf. *edit: No longer up for grab. My mum grabbed -_-"

That's all for the first day. Not much picture taken 'cause nothing much to capture and I damn lazy wanna edit my picture back home so only capture the necessary-lah! I don't wanna get blind. hRm.. I shall continue with the second day already.

Dim sum in a restaurant nearby. Bad choice. And I don't wanna elaborate more. I think Ipoh's dim sum nicer :( Or maybe we picked the wrong restaurant..

I love the MTR station it's damn colourful with all the tiles. I could spend whole day camwhoring in every station wtf.

Our second day spent wandering around Kowloon area and HK. More shopping but no pictures damn potong steam hor?

Spotted this Dogotel - dog hotel. So cute I wanna open one over here too! :D

We proceeded to Causeway Bay in the evening hunting for the bf's friend's restaurant. Walked round and round for hours finally found this restaurant with movie star pictures all over their wall.

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab, from the name it's obvious that they're famous for their spicy crab-lah!

Not crab. This is big ass lai liu ha (urine prawn arrrrr?????) I don't know what it's called in Engrish-lah but it's heavenly.. Big ass, 'cause according to the master chef, Malaysia don't have lai liu ha this BIG.

And this is the real food from heaven.....

Spicy crab with golden fried garlic and egg. It's perfect combination..

The claw bigger than chicken drumstick ok!!!

Oklah, too much already, but seriously it's BIG!

We enjoyed our seafood till we missed our Symphony of Light in Avenue of Stars *sigh* We were waiting whole day for it. The show is staged every night 8pm but we'll be going Lamma Island the next day for Disneyland *sigh* so no chance already unless we plan for another trip to HK.

In Lan Kwai Fong.

I don't know why but I guess the girls only feel warm at night 'cause it's the only place I can see Hongkies skimpyly dressed. Day time they're all covered and made me a bit shy wanna expose even my arms but night time they turned wild.. RAWR!!!

Check this out. I guess it's because the beer in those pubs in LKF are ridiculously overpriced and most people ended up getting beer from nearby 7-eleven which cost about RM5 and stood there drinking.. -___-" Just for the sake of LKF atmosphere arr?

End of second day. Potong steam or not???? :P

Anyway, purchases on the second day.

Not as much as you think I'll buy. You think I very rich arr!! -_-

My favourite buy!!!

Damn cute I wanna die.... T3T Got tail behind somemore... hihihi!!